Barbara Bice’s Historic PILF Endowment

In March of 2019, philanthropist, educator and community leader Barbara Bice donated a generous $2 million estate gift to support and further the work of the school’s Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF), one of the nation’s oldest student organizations in the area of public interest law.

The gift is one of many examples of Barbara’s commitment to PILF, which was co-founded in 1987 by Karen Lash (JD 1987), Stan Glickman (JD 1987), Lisa Mead (JD 1989), Jeff Hayden (JD 1989) and Patti Freeman Gish (JD 1990).  

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a committed champion of USC Gould students pursing public interest work.

“Mrs. Bice has dedicated her life to philanthropy and education efforts across Los Angeles County, but especially in the case of Gould students,” says Mirelle Raza ‘21, 2019-2020 president of PILF. “For over 30 years she has guided PILF with an unmatched ability to be both a warm mentor and a fierce advocate for public interest initiatives. Mrs. Bice has been an integral part of PILF victories for over three decades. I cannot imagine a more perfect namesake for the Public Interest Law Foundation than Barbara Bice.”

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