Who We Are

Founded in 1988 by USC law students, USC PILF serves as the umbrella student organization at USC Gould School of Law for a number of student-oriented public interest programs, activities, and services. The programs and activities PILF administers include:

  • Coordinating participation in legal clinics, pro bono work, and other community volunteer activities;
  • Coordinating public interest related events, such as hosting speakers series, discussion forums, and the student public interest community service recognition ceremony and lunch; 
  • Fundraising for public interest student summer grants and post-graduate fellowship(s); 
  • Managing the application and selection process for the grants and fellowship(s); and
  • Providing student representation at appropriate regional and national public interest conferences.

The 2019-2020 PILF Executive Board

Mirelle Raza


  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Undergrad: Santa Clara University
  • 1L Summer: DOJ, Child Exploitation/Obscenity
  • Area of Interest: Gov’t, Criminal, International Human Rights

Morgan Brock Smith

Vice President

  • Hometown: New York City, NY
  • Undergrad: University of Chicago
  • 1L Summer: Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County
  • Area of Interest: Gov’t, Criminal Law, Family

Daniel Cooper


  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC
  • Undergrad: Appalachian State University
  • 1L Summer: LA Public Defenders
  • Area of Interest: Indigent Defense, Landlord-Tenant, Community Organizing

Nina Rosser

Pro Bono Chair

  • 1L Summer: LA Pubilc Defenders
  • Area of Interest: Criminal/juvenile Defense, Prison Abolition, Family reunification

Emily Kong

Pro Bono Chair

  • Hometown: Huntingtown, MD
  • Undergrad: Georgetown University
  • 1L Summer: Manhattan Legal Services
  • Area of Interest: Housing, Energy/Environmental Law

Chinelo Ikem

Internal Events Chair

  • Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
  • Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara
  • 1L Summer: U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Area of Interest: Immigration, Civil Rights, Anti-Trust, Compliance & Admin Law

Amanda Clark

External Events Chair

  • Hometown: Colfax, CA
  • Undergrad: Cal Poly, SLO
  • 1L Summer: Judicial Externship with Federal Bankruptcy Court
  • Area of Interest: Criminal, ADR, Small Business

Sophie Sylla

Professional Development Chair

  • Hometown: Ardsley, NY
  • Undergrad: SUNY Binhamton
  • 1L Summer: ACLU SoCal
  • Area of Interest: Education & Racial Equity, International Human Rights

Janine Raduechel

Community Engagement Chair

  • Hometown: Ventura, CA
  • Undergrad: UCLA
  • 1L Summer: Judicial Extern- Central District of CA
  • Area of Interest: Gov’t

Kayla Phillips

Public Donations Chair

  • Hometown: Inglewood, CA
  • Undergrad: UC Irvine
  • 1L Summer: San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program
  • Area of Interest: Economic Development, Poverty Law, Landlord/Tenant, Criminal Defense

Maja Tosic

Alumni and Faculty Chair

  • Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Undergrad: University of Michigan
  • 1L Summer: Judicial Extern- Central District of CA
  • Area of Interest: Criminal, Voting Rights, Racial Justice Advocacy

Sarah Taranto


  • Hometown: Nevada City, CA
  • Undergrad: UC Berkeley
  • 1L Summer: LA Public Defenders
  • Area of Interest: Criminal Defense, Human Rights